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Hillbank Motor Corporation is the supplier of a range of exhilarating replicas, concept cars, awesome body kits, performance parts and stunning accessories. We are located in Southern California, and we always have a lot of exciting toys on display.

We proudly represent the Superformance range of replicas which are hand crafted, meticulously engineered and have a track record that is unsurpassed. Whether you are looking for a daily cruiser, a racy sports car or an extreme driving machine, we have a product that will fulfill your dreams. Along with owning these

superbly crafted replicas, joining the Superformance family opens doors to a number of social happenings ranging from Sunday cruises; car shows to weekend track events. Own a quality product that allows you the security of a sound investment.

The The CSX 4000 427 S/C is an authentic Carroll Shelby Cobra® built by skilled craftsmen to Shelby’s exacting standards. This fiberglass model is registry eligible and is documented by a Shelby CSX 4000 number and carries a Shelby Automobiles issued MSO certificate. Experience the prestige and thrill of owning and driving a genuine Shelby Cobra®. “The Cobra® is still the most powerful, nostalgic, thrilling, attractive front engine roadster ever.” If this is something you have long dreamt of why wait own one today.

The Shelby CS Mustang is now available as an upgrade component parts package for your Mustang V6 or V8. Created from Shelby’s racing history the CS Mustang offers interior and exterior modifications to transform your Mustang into a Shelby Snake. Aggressive racing hood with front fascia and side scoops, suspension upgrades, exhaust, Shelby lettering and badges, Custom Shelby wheels and a supercharger are to name but a few of the options. Be sure to call us for all the details.

For customizing your truck or car, Hillbank offers a range of body kits, wheels and performance parts. As Roush distributors we carry components for a number of Ford vehicles. Our Gotech fuel management system is a must for any off road application.

So if you appreciate the finer things in life and like to have fun, a visit to our store is a must.